Ole Hickory Pits Model CTO BBQ Smoker Convection Tri Oven

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The Ole Hickory Pits Convecture Tri Oven features a patented convection system and can be installed an various commercial applications including outdoor kitchens and concession trailers.
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Ole Hickory Pits Convecture Tri Oven 

Please Allow 4 to 5 Weeks for Build Time on all Ole Hickory Pits Products!


  • Construction: Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Steel Interior (100% welded & inspected seams) Tubular Steel Frame, 22 gauge stainless steel exterior, fully insulated - rated 1800 degree F. 
  • Electrical: 110 Volts, 60HZ, Single Phase, 15 Amp- AVOID NON-GROUNDED EXTENSION CORDS. 
  • Gas Burner: 40,000 BTU Burner with Electronic ignition, available for LPG (propane) or Natural Gas.
  • Firebox: Three - 1 lb blocks of wood (approximately 1/4 of a fireplace size log) will last for up to 8 hours of cooking with patented Convecture circulation.
  • Temperature Range: Thermostat control range 100 degrees F. to 325 degrees F.
  • Upper Limit Control Switch: Extra Safety Feature (set at 350 degrees F)
  • Dial Thermometer: 2 1/2" Diameter.
  • Casters: Four (4) Heavy Duty, ETL Approved.
  • Convection System: One (1) 1/30 HP Motor. 5" fan blade provides a mix of both heat and smoke for product consistency.
  • Grease Drain: 2" Pipe with 2" Baff Valve
  • Weight: 680 lbs., uncrated
  • Sliding Racks: (4) 26 1/2 " x 26 1/2" 
  • Total Cooking Surface: 19.51 Sq. Ft.
  • Optional Equipment: Cook and Hold and Competition switch.
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Manufacturer SLE Concessions
Wood Storage Box/tray No
Smoke Tunnel No
Trailer Interior Length N/A
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  1. Do you have this in stock?

    1. Tammy Strong

      2021-10-29 21:29:05

      As of 10/28/21 the Ole Hickory Pits 10-16 weeks for the timeline.

  2. What are the outside dimensions of the CTO? Width, Length, High?

    1. Tammy Strong

      2021-05-05 17:05:53

      77" Tall, 34 1/4" Wide, and 38" Deep would be the dimensions of the unit shown on the ole hickory specification sheet. 

  3. What is a competition switch and can you explain the cook and hold feature?

    1. Tammy Strong

      2019-04-23 20:32:30

      A Comp. Switch allows the squirrel cage fan to continue for combustion but dis-engages the ignition modules.

  4. Will this smoker pass for use in a commercial kitchen indoors usage?

    1. Tim Kelso

      2017-04-12 17:37:23

      Hello ,
      Looking over this smoker we have used the smoker for our concession trailers but the location tends to be on our porch areas. With the unit being based on the inside of a resteraunt or kitchen you would have to look into your local codes and a possible extraction system to install.

  5. I bought a Tri oven CTO Ole Hickory Smoker/ Oven online to be installed in my food truck. Pumped! Read nothing but great things. I had a question about the size and diameter of wood needed to fit inside the smoke box. What wood options are best to use? Are pellets an option? What wood size is best?

    1. Tim Kelso

      2017-04-12 17:01:47

      Hello ,
      Looking at the suggested material It is Three- 1 pound chunks of wood will last for up to 6 hours of cooking.  Testing would be the best options for dimensions of wood because each piece of wood is different it will be trail and error on what works best for you. This unit is not wood pellet compatable.

  6. Do you have this in stock? When can I receive this if I purchase today?

    1. Justin Davis

      2017-03-09 23:04:27

      We do not have these in stock. This product is on about a 6-8 week back order.

  7. How many butts will fit in the cto? How many briskets will fit in the cto? How many racks of ribs will fit in the cto?

    1. SLE Equipment

      2016-01-18 19:32:40

      the cto will offer space for the below
      Ribs (3 & down) = 12
      Baby Back Ribs = 16
      Boston Butts (4-6 lbs) = 32
      Turkey (8lb) = 16
      Chicken (whole) = 36  & (half) = 72
      Brisket (12lb) = 12

  8. I see both gas and electric connections. Is this heated by gas like a gas oven oven with a thermostat? Does it have a timer to shut off?

    1. SLE Equipment

      2015-03-17 17:30:08

      The gas fires the logs to produce the smoke.  The electric timer tells the it whether or not to fire them based on the temperature.

8 Item(s)

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