Husqvarna K760 Power Cutter 12" Professional - 5hp X-torq Engine

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Husqvarna K 760 12 in. Power Cutter: 73.5 cc displacement, 5 hp power output, 12 in. blade diameter, 4 in. cutting depth.
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Husqvarna K760 Features:
* Power Cutter Pricing Does NOT Include Blade

A unique engine technology that increases power and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 % and exhaust emissions by up to 75 %. The secret behind this unique engine technology is that it uses dual flushing ducts: one for clean air and one for the fuel and air mixture.

New Active Air Filtration
A unique air filtration system consisting of three separate filters that increase the service life of the engine and reduces downtime and service costs. One of the most efficient systems on the market, delivering operational times (for dry cutting) of up to one year, with no filter service required

Reversible cutting arm
The cutting arm is reversible which lets you cut closer to walls or the ground. The drive belt has a fully sealed transmission. This keeps out cutting dust, reducing wear on the belt.

DEX is a dust management system for wet and dry cutting. Most of our other power cutters have a water saving wet cutting kit, which efficiently binds dust with less water usage and slurry, compared to traditional wet cutting.

More Information
MPN967 18 10-01
Displacement 73.5 cc
Product Weight21.4 lbs.
Power Rating5 hp
Max Cutting Depth4"
Engine ManufacturerHusqvarna X- Torq
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