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Lawn & Garden Tractor Comparison

How to Pick Your Lawn Tractor

Lawn Tractors

Yard Tractors are great for yards under 3 acres Garden tractors are great for larger yards
Yard tractors usually are lighter in weight Garden tractors usually have larger rear tires
Yard tractors can be used to pull attachments Garden tractors can pull larger attachments
Yard tractors usually have hydro drive systems Garden tractors can be used for a variation of attachments
Yard tractors usually are less in price Garden tractors have larger more powerful hydraulics
Yard tractors usually have a tighter steering radius Garden tractors normally have larger fuel capacity
Yard tractors are usally a little more compact Garden tractors normally have a wider wheel base
Yard tractors usually have the same warranty as garden tractors Garden tractors normally have a slip positive rear end

The bottom line is that both tractors have there place the lawn tractor generally is made just to cut grass and use small attachments around the house where as the garden tractor is made for larger attachments like tillers and snow blowers. As far as cutting grass both mowers are about the same if you need a front end loader on a tractor you would have to go with a sub compact tractor at the minimum. SLE Equipment sales a wide variety of both yard tractors or garden tractors. If you need more assistance with picking out your tractor, please contact us.

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