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Concession Trailers – Frequently Asked Questions

Concession Trailers – Frequently Asked Questions

Concession Trailers FAQ

Let SleEquipment assist you in taking your concession business to the next level!

What is the location of your business? Are you open every day?

SleEquipment is located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. Our address is:

3521 Murfreesboro Pike
Antioch, TN, USA 37013.

Business hours:

Monday to Friday from 8 AM-5 PM

Saturday from 8 AM – 3 PM.

I would like to design my own custom-built trailer. Can you help?

Give us a call at (615) 641-7720 to speak to a concession trailer designer and set up a free CAD drawing where you will be able to see the drawing as its being created live on your computer screen to your specific needs. You can also view a video on YouTube explaining the navigation and blueprint process here:

I need ideas on what I want in my trailer. Can you help?

Yes, our website contains hundreds of trailers we have built before and you are more than welcome to look at the pictures of the interiors for ideas. We can give you guidance depending on what type of concession you’re running. We also have trailers on site that that we’re working on that you can come by and see for yourself for ideas.

What pricing is common for a concession trailer?

Most trailers cost between $20,000 and $70,000. There are exceptions that can cost a little less or more depending on the size and equipment selected.

Is financing available for concession trailers?

Yes, we have financing available.

Can I get a quote on a concession trailer?

Once you set up a free CAD drawing appointment and figure every detail out on a computer drawing, we will review the drawing and get you a quote in 24 – 48 hours.

Are you able to fully equip a concession trailer, including installing food service equipment, based on my needs?

Yes, we fully install all equipment as the customer wants it.

What are some of the basics that come with all trailers?

All trailers come standard with AC, finished interior, insulated walls and ceilings, flooring choice, axles, and steel wheels but can be customized with your choices.

Concession Trailers FAQ

SleEquipment offers 13 different exterior colors to choose from.

After I place my order, how long will it take to complete the building and installation?

It can take as little as three weeks to complete your concession trailer.

Can you help me with health codes and health inspectors?

We will meet any code, but the customer must verbally interpret the code to the CAD designer. It’s recommended that you talk to your local code inspectors if you have any questions in your local regional, or state health code.

Do you keep any new concession trailers in stock for immediate sale?

We do not have in stock ready for sale due to the fact that all of our trailers are custom-built.  All trailers are made from special orders.

Do you sell any used concession trailers?

We do not sell used concession trailers at this time.

How much does it cost to deliver a concession trailer?

We deliver for $2.35 a mile anywhere inside the continental United States. You can also drive here and pick it up.

Concession Trailer Interior

SleEquipment provides full installation of all equipment including fridges, freezers, fryers, grease hoods, ovens, and more.

What are valid methods of payment?

The 20% deposit required before building can be paid with Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, or cashier’s check. The final payment due before pickup or delivery can be paid through wire transfer or cashier’s check.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Only Tennessee residents must pay sales tax.

What trailer size ball does the concession trailer contain?            

The concession trailer has a 2 and 5/16 size ball mount.


  • Why to not buy used: due to the modifications that would have to be done to meet your needs as well as the codes department needs.
  • There is 5 different interior heights to choose from (7 foot, 7.6 feet, 8 feet, 8.6 feet, 9 foot)
  • The average weight per foot of finished concession = 320 lbs per foot (ex. 8.5 x 20 concession = 6,400 lbs
  • Do not buy any concession unless you have a cad drawing this is one of the most important as it shows you exactly where everything is located.
  • Why to buy from SLE Equipment: we have been in business for over 20 years and have specialized in concessions for over 7 years. We always use high quality products and insure a safe operation.
  • Walk through inspection upon pickup, we do a full walk through of your new concession trailer including a full demonstration on how your concession trailer functions as well as your appliances, generator, gas lines, and fire suppression system at NO additional cost.
  • Understanding the electrical system: first thing would be how are we going to power the unit will it be (generator or shore power) our standard electrical package is 100 amp panel with a 25 foot power cord that is 50 amps rated, this means you will only be able to provide 50 amps of power to your concession through this cord. There are many situations where a person will need more than 50 amps of power at one time and so we go over options for having additional panels as well as additional generators if needing to run more than 50 amps.
  • Generator sizing: we offer many styles of generators ranging from 7,500 watt – 50,000 watts, depending on the electrical load required we can help you with configuring the correct size for you application. NEVER allow anyone to sell you a standby generator as these will not work and the warranty will be voided if used other than for standby purposes.


  1. I have a new trailer already,can you customize my trailer for me?

  2. Do you guys do any type of graphics on the outside, ie logos, business name, menus etc?

  3. That’s really interesting that the average weight per foot of finished concession trailers is 320 lbs. I’ve heard that your concession trailer is subject to monthly and annual inspections to make sure that your trailer meets health expectations and codes. My friend cooks some really good food and has been considering getting a concession trailer to sell his food, and I’ll have to share this info with him!

  4. I didn’t know that concession trailers came with an air conditioning unit in them already. My wife is thinking about starting a food truck business so that we con make some extra money and so that our kids will have a place where they can work when they grow up. I think that it would be smart to buy a trailer that already has things like an air conditioning unit on it so that we won’t have to focus as much on getting equipment like that.

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